Grid panels chrome shelf, hooks, hang rails, holders Chrome finish grid panels are mounted on wall with five pots M-shaped grid panels display colorful ornaments in booth

Gridwall mesh panels for display and storage

Founded in 1999, Unique Gridwall Panels Corporation has 15 years experience in producing gridwall panels and the accessories. As a leading manufacturer, we have a huge selection of grid panels and accessories such as wall mount grid panels, freestanding panels, kitchen, garage and sports equipment racks. We aim to provide you the quality, low price products and satisfactory service.

What products do we supply?

All kinds of grid panels for different uses

The main products we produce.

  • Wall mount grid panels.
  • Freestanding grid panels.
  • Kitchen grid panels.
  • Storage racks.
  • Home and garden grid panels.
  • Gridwall accessories.

What about the colors, size and material?

  • Material: Carbon steel.
  • Color: White, black, chrome.
  • Dimension: 1' × 5', 2' × 4', 2' × 5', 2' × 6', 2' × 7', 2' × 8', 4' × 4', 4' × 8'.
  • Mesh size: 3''.

What kind of gridwall accessories are included?

All kinds of grid panels accessories show

  • Gridwall connectors.
  • Gridwall wall mount brackets.
  • Gridwall 4-way base.
  • Gridwall triangle base.
  • Gridwall H-shaped base.
  • Gridwall L-legs.
  • Gridwall T-legs.
  • Gridwall straight arm.
  • Gridwall waterfall arm.
  • Gridwall 5-J hooks.
  • Gridwall baskets.
  • Gridwall shelves.
  • Gridwall hang rails.

What can you do with grid panels?

  • Display products in craft show, booth, retail store, market.
  • Kitchen wall use for hooking kitchen utensils.
  • Home and gardening storage.
  • Overhead storage racks in garage.
Three chrome grid panels mounted on the wall display clothing and shoesGridwall panels used in clothing store

The chrome grid panels are vertically mounted on the wall with accessories. They maximize the room space and display the clothes and shoes in line. At he same time, the exquisite design attracts lots of customers' attention to purchase.

Black grid panels display clothing and ornament in outside boothGridwall panels present hot products in booth

Such freestanding grid panels are movable. They can be carried to the exterior places to display cute ornaments and clothing. They save up space and many products can be hooked which look neat and orderly.

Black wall mounted grid panels work as bookcaseGridwall panels store daily stuff in household room

Are you still worried about your cabinet with so many messy stuff? The wall-mounted grid panels will undoubtedly be your ideal choice. They can be easily installed against the wall with accessories available. You can arrange your stuff appropriately and make the whole room neat and tidy.

Chrome grid panels hook spoons, bowls, bottles with brackets and basketsGridwall panels applied in kitchen

Grid panels in home kitchen bring about convenience for housewives. After grid panels are mounted on the wall, housewives can attach the pots, bowls, spoons and spices to the panels with hooks. Such grid panels save kitchen space as well as avoid trouble for you.

A white ceiling-mounted storage racks carry several bulky boxesGridwall panels storage racks withstand items in garage

Overhead storage racks are heavy duty grid panels with four joints fixed on the ceiling above one' head. They are used to carry heavy, bulky items and save up space to a higher degree.

Our corporation upholds the principle of "Seeking survival in adversity, pursuing development in innovation". We have faith that our products ensure the quality and are available in sizes and colors. Serving our customers and satisfying them are our core belief. If you are interested in our corporation, please scan our website

Hot Products

Gridwall Panels

Gridwall panels are lightweight to be easily set up and removed and durable enough to load heavy items applied in markets, show fairs, kitchens.

Freestanding Grid Panels

Freestanding grid panels with types of bases are versatile and mobile to display products in clothing market, craft show fairs, temporary booth.

Wall Mount Grid Panels

Wall mount grid panels are fixed on the interior wall and take up less space. They are mainly used in inner clothing stores, markets, rooms and warehouse.

Grid Wall Panels Accessories

Grid panels can not be used separately. They have to be assembled with accessories to form a complete fixture and present items in an attractive way.