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Grid panels with 1/4'' wire diameter and diverse sizes

Wall mount grid panels are panels that are fixed on the wall to display all types of products. Wall mount grid panels take up less space and present large quantities of products. They are mainly used in interior clothing stores, markets, residential rooms, warehouse. In addition, wall mount grid panels can also be mounted vertically and horizontally.


  • Fixed in stable positions. Unlike freestanding grid panels, wall mount grid panels are fixed on the wall with wall mount brackets. They are ideal for stable markets and stores.
  • Saving space. Wall mount grid panels are fixed on the wall and save room space.
  • Used with accessories. Wall mount grid panels can not be used alone. They have to be connected with accessories to hook products.
  • Hook numerous products. With lots of accessories, wall grid panels enables to display products in great quantity.
  • Economical and durable. The grid panels are reasonable in price and can be reused for ages.


  • Wire diameter: 1/4'' diameters.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Finish: White, black, chrome.
  • Mesh sizes: 3''.
  • Size: 1' × 5'; 2' × 4'; 2' × 5'; 2' × 6'; 2' × 7'; 2' × 8'; 3' × 6'; 3' × 8'; 4' × 6'; 4' × 4'; 4' × 8'.
  • Packing: Packed with water-proof plastics then into carton.


  • Interior stores.
  • Residential rooms.
  • Storage.
  • Stable markets.
  • Kitchen.
  • Clothing stores.
  • Retail stores.
Black wall mount grid panels display clothes with brackets
Wall mount grid panels have enough brackets to present clothes
3 white wall grid panels on the wall for storage
2' × 6' and 4' × 6' white wall mount grid panels
Black wall mount grid panels hold daily stuff in order
Wall mount grid panels are fixed vertically and horizontally

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