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10 gauge steel corrosion resistant storage racks

Overhead storage racks are made of heavy duty grid panels, which often used in personal garage to store heavy and bulky items. They usually be mounted on the ceiling against the wall with 3'' frame around the racks. Overhead storage racks not only maximize the garage space but also they have strong loading capacity to carry 250 pound to 1000 pound items.


  • High loading capacity. Overhead storage racks can hold 250 pound, 750 pound and even 1000 pound bulky items.
  • Maximize the room space. Storage racks are mounted on the ceiling above your head and make the most use of the space.
  • Sturdy and endurable. Compared to general products with two joints, overhead storage racks have four joints, which firmly mount the racks. The storage racks are powder-coated to resist corrosion.


  • Material: Steel.
  • Wire diameter: 6mm.
  • Dimension: 2' × 4'; 4' × 8' or customize according to your requirement.
  • Finish: White, black, chrome.


  • Household garage.
  • Warehouse.
A white overhead storage rack with four joints mounted on the ceiling
Overhead storage racks have strong capacity to hold heavy items.
A ceiling-mounted storage rack carry several bulky bags
4' × 8' ceiling-mounted storage racks with four joints to distribute the weight

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