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Kitchen grid panels provide storage solution

Kitchen grid panels are designed specially for kitchen use. The grid panels are usually fixed on the kitchen wall attached with hooks, connectors, shelves, brackets. On one hand, kitchen grid panels are convenient to reach for all kinds of kitchen utensils and spices. On the other hand, kitchen grid panels save a lot of precious space for you. All in all, kitchen grid panels are ideal choice for you.


  • Available in sizes and patterns. Kitchen grid panels are alternative in sizes. You can choose appropriate grid panels according to your needs.
  • Sturdy and practical. Kitchen grid panels are simple in structure but sturdy. They provide a practical storage for utensils and spices.
  • Attached with accessories. Kitchen grid panels can not be used separately. They have to be attached with accessories to form a configuration.


  • Material: Steel.
  • Wire diameter: 1/4'' diameter.
  • Mesh spacing size: 3'' squares.
  • Dimension: Available in 24''× 48''; 48'' × 48'' or customize according to your requirements.
  • Finish: White, black, chrome.
Chrome kitchen grid panels attach shelves and hooks to contain spices
Chrome grid panels contain many utensils and spices
Black kitchen grid panels attached with shelves contain utensils
Kitchen grid panels make kitchen neat and save space
Chrome grid panels hook pots, spoons, bowls with S-shaped hook
4' × 4' grid panels attached on the kitchen wall look neat and orderly
White kitchen grid panels contain kitchen utensils and cookbook
Kitchen grid panels for utensils storage

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