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Gridwall panels product list

Gridwall Panels

Gridwall panels are lightweight to be easily set up and removed and durable enough to load heavy items applied in markets, show fairs, kitchens.

Freestanding Grid Panels

Freestanding grid panels with types of bases are versatile and mobile to display products in clothing market, craft show fairs, temporary booth.

Wall Mount Grid Panels

Wall mount grid panels are fixed on the interior wall and take up less space. They are mainly used in inner clothing stores, markets, rooms and warehouse.

Grid Wall Panels Accessories

Grid panels can not be used separately. They have to be assembled with accessories to form a complete fixture and present items in an attractive way.

Kitchen Grid Panels

grid panels used in kitchen are not only convenient for people to reach the utensils, but also bring forth a solution for saving space.

Gridwall Storage racks

Gridwall racks provide choices for items storage. With storage racks, you can hang item on the wall and get access to the items that are difficult to get.

Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead storage racks are firmly mounted on the ceiling with high loading capacity. They hold bulky items and make the garage neat and orderly.