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Hooks, bases, holders in different sizes and patterns

Grid wall panels accessories are very important and indispensable parts of Grid panels. Grid panels have to be assembled with accessories to play an important role in presenting items. The common accessories include grid wall mount brackets, connectors, hooks, hang rails, shelves, arm brackets, cap holders, brochure holders and so on.

The main accessories:

  • Grid wall hooks.
  • Grid wall stands.
  • Grid wall connectors.
  • Gridwall wall mount brackets.
  • Grid wall single cap holder.
  • Grid wall multiple cap holder.
  • Grid wall straight arm.
  • Grid wall shelf brackets.
  • Grid wall ball waterfall.
  • Grid wall hook waterfall.
  • Grid wall sign holders.
  • Grid wall baskets.
  • Grid wall slant shelf.
  • CD/DVD shelf.
2'' grid panel hook in white, black and chrome on black panel
2'' Grid wall hooks on the panel
16'' long with 7-ball waterfall bracket chrome
7-ball waterfall grid wall bracket can display items in order
A black grid wall mount bracket with panels
Black grid wall mount bracket is fixed with screws
A black grid panel basket with 12''W × 12''D × 8''H
Black deep basket is deep enough to contain items
A chrome straight arm bracket attached to the panel
Chrome 12" straight arm attached to grid wall panel
5-J-shaped grid panel hooks in white, black and chrome
5-J hook arms have five hooks that are sturdy enough to hang any kind of items
A black 2 3/4'' long s-shaped grid panel hook
S-shaped grid panel hook is convenient to hook items
Chrome grid panel connectors and each part
Grid panel connectors connect two wire grid panels firmly
A 600mm wide 400mm deep chrome grid panel slanting shelf
Slanting shelf hooks onto the panel for storage
A chrome flat wire shelf attached to the panel
24" × 12" flat wire shelf is very useful for displaying clothes, shoes, books, clothing
A cap holder on chrome grid panel is used to display a single hat
Grid wall single hat displays are the perfect way to display a single cap on grid panels
A cap holder on black grid panel can be used to display multiple hats
It is a great way to display multiple baseball caps / hats on grid panels
A white grid panel picture hook
Grid panel picture hooks can be used to display product information or pictures.
A chrome U-shaped hang rail
24'' long U-shaped grid panel hang rail can be attached with coat hanger to hook clothes
A chrome four-caster pinwheel grid panel and the finished product
Freestanding pinwheel base is fixed with panels to be mobile
A chrome three casters triangle base and its finish product
Triangle base with movable casters is free to go everywhere
A chrome H-shaped base with four casters
H-shaped base with casters are mobile and the length an be extended


  • Available in all sizes and patterns. Grid wall hooks are available in 2'' to 12''. Grid wall brackets include 6 or 7 ball waterfall, straight arms, 5 J-Hook waterfall. Single hat holders, multiple hat holders, etc.
  • Matchable in colors. The accessories can be selected in colors and make your grid panels look neat, beautiful.
  • Easy assembly. Grid panels accessories are easy to assemble and minimize manpower.
  • Unique design and attractive outlook. Grid panel accessories have multiple patterns for respective functions. They present items in order and look neat and attractive.
  • Sold separately. Each grid panel accessory is sold separately according to the size, color.


  • Trade show.
  • Clothing markets.
  • Craft show.
  • Flea markets.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Warehouse.
  • Residential decoration.
A chrome triangle base grid panel display clothes on flat shelves
Triangle base grid panels take up limited space but present numerous products.
Black grid panels with accessories merchandise ornaments
M-shaped grid panels display various products orderly

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