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Professional suppliers of quality grid panels

Company Profile

Since 1999, Unique Gridwall Panels Corporation has been in the leading position of researching, producing and purchasing gridwall panels, grid panel accessories and display fixtures. We provide sufficient goods supply for store retailers from all over the world. In addition, we are equipped with higher quality-oriented staff, guaranteed product quality as well as considerate after-sale service to meet customers' need. We aim to create an friendly, attractive atmosphere to adapt to the modern marketing.

A wide assortment of grid panels

  • Wall mount grid panels.
  • T-leg freestanding grid panels.
  • L-leg freestanding grid panels.
  • Triangle base freestanding grid panels.
  • Pinwheel base freestanding grid panels.
  • Gondola base freestanding grid panels.
  • Kitchen grid panels.
  • Storage grid panels.
  • Overhead storage racks.
  • Grid panels accessories.

Goods available in all varieties

Gridwall panels has been gaining an amazing popularity in modern market. You can see versatile grid panels in retial stores, flea markets, supermarkets, kiosk booth and even household garage. We provide high quality grid panels in all sizes and colors. They mainly include wall mount grid panels, freestanding grid panels, accessories, storage racks, kitchen grid panels, etc. It is due to the urgent needs of the market that we produce such versatile grid panels.

Top-rank service

Sufficient products in stock, easy ordering process, fast order fulfillment and 100 percent after service make our corporation the supplier of choice for thousands of retail store owners both home and abroad. We are online to serve you 24 hours/7 days. If you have a problem, feel free to contact us and our experienced sales people will be happy to help you. Our friendly and professional staff will get you the answers in a timely manner.

Delivery in time

Our corporation assures to deliver the products in time as long as we have products in stock. When it comes to delivery, some businesses will say that "We'll get back to you soon" or "they are johnny-on-the-spot". In contrast, we will not do that. We will settle the problems immediately and send the products in time.

Our mission

The motto of our corporation is "Seeking survival in adversity, pursuing development in innovation". We strive to update the current technology and create innovative products to serve our customers.

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